Comienza Los Premios LATINO DE ORO 2017

Si conoces a alguien que merezca ser Premiado, este es el momento de anotarlo…


Marzo 15, 2017 – Inicio de las Nominaciones

Mayo 26, 2017 – Ultimo día de Nominaciones

Junio 5, 2017 – Inicio de Votaciones

Agosto 4, 2107 – Cierre de Votaciones

Septiembre 9, 2017 – ENTREGA DE LOS PREMIOS

¿Manera de Nominar?

o enviando la Ficha por Correo a:

Latino de Oro

593 Farmington Ave.

Hartford, CT 06105

Mas información: 860-231-9891

Introduction: LATINO DE ORO Awards

Identidad Latina is a biweekly bilingual newspaper in Hartford, Connecticut, USA since 2001. It is distributed in most of the large towns of Connecticut and it is the pioneer of the Latino de Oro awards. The main objective of this award is the recognition of the Latino community in the area. The word “Latino” identifies everyone whose native language is Spanish or Portuguese in the United States and “Oro” (golden) is a tribute to that precious metal that the Latin-American lands produced in quantities centuries ago. LATINO DE ORO created in Hartford, CT, USA hopes to become a highly recognized prestigious award. This award’s purpose is to distinguish and recognize the hard work of the people, in that ever-growing Latino community of Connecticut and across the nation. The Latino community will embrace it and decide to what category it belongs.

Since the first edition of Latino de Oro awards, there were 10 categories:

1)Politic, 2) Education, 3) Music, 4) Health, 5) Media, 6) Art & Culture, 7) Students, 8) Sports, 9) Help to the Latino Community and 10) Trajectory. In all the 10 categories the nominee must be a Latino, except the category (9) Help to the Latino Community), in this category the nominee could be from any nationality. The first 5 editions of these awards; the winners were selected by a notable jury, and this jury were selected by the newspaper’s board. Since 2010 (6th. edition) Nominees are nominated by the general public by completing the nomination form. Three nominee finalists are selected per category by the LDO Board and the winner in each category is selected by the general public through the internet voting process. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony. The award ceremony is formal attire, which includes a Golden Carpet, Dinner and musical shows. It is a multicultural award event