Introduction: LATINO DE ORO Awards

Identidad Latina is a biweekly bilingual newspaper in Hartford, Connecticut, USA since 2001. It is distributed in most of the large towns of Connecticut and it is the pioneer of the Latino de Oro awards. The main objective of this award is the recognition of the Latino community in the area. The word “Latino” identifies everyone whose native language is Spanish or Portuguese in the United States and “Oro” (golden) is a tribute to that precious metal that the Latin-American lands produced in quantities centuries ago. LATINO DE ORO created in Hartford, CT, USA hopes to become a highly recognized prestigious award. This award’s purpose is to distinguish and recognize the hard work of the people, in that ever-growing Latino community of Connecticut and across the nation. The Latino community will embrace it and decide to what category it belongs.

Since the first edition of Latino de Oro awards, there were 10 categories:

1)Politic, 2) Education, 3) Music, 4) Health, 5) Media, 6) Art & Culture, 7) Students, 8) Sports, 9) Help to the Latino Community and 10) Trajectory. In all the 10 categories the nominee must be a Latino, except the category (9) Help to the Latino Community), in this category the nominee could be from any nationality. The first 5 editions of these awards; the winners were selected by a notable jury, and this jury were selected by the newspaper’s board. Since 2010 (6th. edition) Nominees are nominated by the general public by completing the nomination form. Three nominee finalists are selected per category by the LDO Board and the winner in each category is selected by the general public through the internet voting process. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony. The award ceremony is formal attire, which includes a Golden Carpet, Dinner and musical shows. It is a multicultural award event

1st. Latino de Oro (2005)

In June, 2005 was the first edition; The 10 personalities chosen by the newspaper received a golden statue. The ceremony was at Mount Carmel Banquet Hall in East Hartford, Connecticut and was hosted by Samuel Salomón and Bruno Alatrista. It was great with lot of emotional moments, music shows and variety food. At this 1st edition attended the mother and the brother of Charlie Villanueva, he was a

Basketball player of UCONN and he currently plays for the NBA. He received the award in the Sports category.

2nd. Latino de Oro (2006)   

The second edition of the Latino de Oro was at the Welte Auditorium of the Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), on November, 2006. For the first time, the criteria to select the winner were established. Also, the board of the newspaper named the jury to select the winner.

The US Senator, Joe Lieberman attended the ceremony and the musical show was with Carolina La O and Alex el Bizcochito. The original trophies were created and made in Brazil. The ceremony was hosted by Gary Pinedo, Omar Morales and Catheryne Ernote. The Latino de Oro magazine was published with photos, biography of the winners and sponsors.

3rd. Latino de Oro (2007)

The third Latino de Oro was on November, 2007 at Welte Auditorium at Central Connecticut State University. For this edition the nomination time was extended to three months before the award’s ceremony and the jury was reduced to 5 people. The musical shows were multicultural and international,

Representatives from Spain, Bolivia, Peru, Puerto Rico and Mexico were at this event.

Ana Alfaro and Oscar Arango were the hosts. This year this event became more popular in the State.

The magazine of this event was named “Yearbook" It summarizes the highlight of the main events during the year.

4th Latino de Oro (2008)

This Latino de Oro was at the Theater of the Performing Arts, Learning Corridor of Hartford on November, 2008. This year, we started with the Golden Carpet and it was hosted by Oscar Arango and Ruth Torres. The music show was in charge of “Guitarras de America”, Jose Paulo Santos, and many more, it was a runway show. The food for this edition was an international buffet.

 5th Latino de Oro (2009)

The fifth edition was on November, 2009 at Learning Corridor, the same location as the year before. It was hosted by Darvin Garcia and Luz Ramos. The music numbers were in charge of a Peruvian group named “Inkas Wasi” and couple of guitarists Daniel Salazar and Lorena Garay.  At this edition, we shared for the very first time our mascot from the newspaper named “Yupanquito”.

6th Latino de Oro (2010)

This edition was on November of 2010 at the Learning Corridor in Hartford. The music was in charge of “Los Trovadores de America” and some Brazilian music by Efraim Silva. Here we changed the way the winners were selected. The process started with the nomination of the nominees  then, LDO’s Board selected three finalists for each category and finally the general public voted for the winner by internet.

 7th Latino de Oro (2011)

This Latino de Oro was on November, 2011 at the West Hartford City Hall. The Music show was by a Peruvian folklore group named “Inca Son” and Alex “El Bizcochito”. The host was Oscar Arango and the food was from “Latino Restaurant”. In this Latino de Oro event, attendees loved the new place, excellent decorations, and a big screen on the stage. We had two television stations covering the event.

8th Latino de Oro (2013)

This edition was on September, 2013 at West Hartford City Hall.  For this edition we change the date to September because of the weather and we can install the Golden Carpet outside the entrance where all the nominees, artists and personalities will walk through. The ceremony hosts were Sandra Moreno and Edmar Yadier. The food was from “Criollisimo Restaurant”.   So far, this Latino de Oro event was the best for most of the people because it was just like many other awards around the country. It was very emotional to find out who the winner was for each nominee, the family and friends.

9th Latino de Oro (2015)

The event will be on September 5, 2015 at West Hartford City Hall.  Currently, The Latino de Oro is working on the nominations and sponsorship for the student scholarships (see attached documents). LATINO DE ORO INC is being created as a new Entity this year, for which we are requesting a tax exempt status and continue our mission to make a difference in the Latino community.